Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Star Wars to Stargardts.

 On my first date with my husband,  I actually pulled out a magnifier to read the menu at the Cheesecake Factory. I don't think he even batted an eyelash.  The first time we went away together he took a sharpie and wrote a big S on the hotel shampoo bottle and a C for the conditioner.  This was without me asking. The first time we watched one of the Star Wars movies (or maybe the second...he will know and will be sure to tell me which movie it was!  Maybe Attack of the Clones?), we  set in a recliner which we place a few feet away from the TV.  
We met on match.com. I found his profile and saw a good-looking guy from Cape Cod(where I vacationed as a child) .  And the fact that he worked in ophthalmology was an added bonus!  He is one of the only people I have ever met who has heard of Stargardts.. He can actually explain the scientific symptoms of the disease better than I can. 
Crazily enough, When we met,  he was actually working with the doctor who diagnosed me at age 9! 

We hit it off right from the start. We shared a love of music, movies, the ocean, skiing, and cribbage.  We got married in the fall of 2007 on beautiful Buzzards Bay. 

Basically Chip is immersed in the life of low vision . He sees patients all day and then comes home to his legally blind wife! He says that I help him on a daily basis..  That he has a better understanding of what patients are going through because he lives it with me. And he can recommend certain tools  that work well for me. 

He is obviously  the only driver in the family, which is challenging and requires careful coordination of schedules.  Thankfully he enjoys driving.  Especially in his Honda Ridgeline 
And good thing he hardly drinks because I can't be his designated driver!  He does in fact benefit in some ways from having a wife with low vision.  We just NEED a 60 inch Tv...And he always has control of the remote!  Not too shabby. :)

But seriously I am very grateful to have him as my husband And the father of our two beautiful girls. 

Before Alexis was born, we saw a genetic counselor who could not tell us anything we didn't already know.  But we had never even considered not having kids because of any possibility of them inheriting Stargardts.  Genetic testing would cost thousands of dollars.  We will both be on watch for any signs, but so far the kids seem fine.  In fact, they can spot ants from a mile away!

Chip is an absolutely amazing dad. husband, friend, confidante, and supporter.  

Now let's see if he really reads my blog.. Ha ha ha! 

:) I love you hun!


Mary Jane's Playcare said...

Hope he does, Sweetheart. What a great blog for a great husband and friend. I'll never forget the day you called and told me that you went out to eat together and you were not even embarrassed to pull out your magnifier. Chip has become the family go to guy for all kinds of eye questions. He answers each one with interest and sincerity.
You two have done a great job at co-ordinations your lives....usually all around the precious girls.
I am proud of you both. Love your 60 inch TV, lol. And am trilled to be part of your lives.
Chip thanks for helping my girl. She would do fine on her own...cause that's my Heather. But, having you in her life gives her much more fun and flexibility. Way to go Chip. Now, read what Heather wrote!

Mary Jane's Playcare said...

Somehow, the blog didn't let me continue. I just wanted to add ( now that your praises are being song, Chip). That you are also one terrific Dad!
Thank you for being part of our lives.
Love you guys mints, Ma

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are doing IVF with PGD because I have a mutation in my ABCA4 gene and my wife has Stargardt's. It is VERY expensive! I hope your kids are still symptom free!

BTW, you can do a relatively inexpensive gene test on your kids, if they don't have two copies of the mutated ABCA4 gene they will not develop symptoms. But I"m sure you knew that already being married to an opthamologist!