Monday, July 8, 2013

The good with the bad

 I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend ! And happy fourth of July to the U.S. readers !
I decided to share my list of pros and cons of living with low vision. I would love to hear any others you might have!

OK here we go:

Pro – Often when we are driving down the highway I will notice my husband wince or make some kind of displeased face. or sound. That's when I am grateful that I can't see the road kill!
Along the same lines, I am spared some of  the gore o TV shows and movies. 

Con –When the kids ask me what something is and I can't see it.

Pro – You learn at an early age not to judge people or treat them differently due to their disabilities

Con – sometimes you learned this the hard way

Pro – You develop keen hearing and listening skills.  
You also tend to have a good memory because you memorize things instead of needing to look them up time and time again. Case in point:  I am the family go to person when it comes to relatives birthdays. For some reason I know them all. I also remember phone numbers of friends I had in elementary school who I haven't talked to in years! 

Con – I am sure you can imagine the arguments that occur when I insist that I heard or remember something better than somebody else! Ha ha! 

Pro- You learn that there is so much more to a person than outside appearance. 

Con – Sometimes you might not realize just how crappy you look when you go out:)

Pro – Schools and businesses are required to provide special accommodations.

Con – Sometimes you just don't feel like being singled out.

Pro- You learn creative ways to accomplish tasks or to get a good look at something.  For instance, I take a lot of pictures and videos of my kids(using my ipad and iphone.).   Then I zoom in on them so I can see details. 

Con – This takes up a lot of memory space!  And keeping u with technology is expensive! 

I am sure there are lots more. But for the moment I will stop here. Gotta check on the kids.. They are way too quiet! 


Mary Jane's Playcare said...

Another great article, Heather! I love the humor you have. And yes, you are the go to person for lots of things not just bdays!
And you are so good with can teach us all a thing or two...especially your old Ma.
Keep writing...this is awesome!

Kerry said...

Great post!!!! You have always been a technology whiz and sensitive to the challenges that all people face!

Alanna said...

Pro- You meet other people who are suffering with a fresh diagnosis and you get to help them through that suffering. :)