Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blind Justice?

I have never spent as much time thinking about or talking about my vision as I have since starting this blog.

It's actually kind of strange... but good.  

Besides the obvious benefits of connecting with others, it has also been helpful to me. I have learned that I can help people and how great it feels to do so. I have also learned to be more aware of the challenges I face on a daily basis And ways to face these challenge.  Basically since the blog is always in the back of my mind, I tend to look at things from  the standpoint of "is this something worth writing about?"

People seemed to get a kick out of my last post. - The pros and cons of being legally blind. My mom said that only I could write something like that! I wasn't thinking it was that funny when I wrote it but I'm glad that it was entertaining! 
There was another issue I meant to include in the last post but I couldn't decide if it was a pro or con. To me it's a little of both.
Because of being legally blind I am forever exempt from jury duty. Most people would probably think of this as a positive. But I have always been interested in the law (even thought about attending law school) so Jury duty would actually be kind of cool. But after the situation that occurred several years ago,  I am relieved to be exempt.
 I got selected to be on a jury for a murder trial in Boston, Honestly it's kind of embarrassing because I feel like I should have mentioned my vision before I did. But there was absolutely no question on any form or any opportunity to mention it, (at least that's what I thought.) So after getting selected I was obsessing internally and ended up speaking with the judge and other members of the court.  It was concerning that I could not see witnesses clearly. I was concerned too. I felt like if I did not have all the details, including the demeanor of the witnesses, that I had no right to make a judgment of such magnitude.  So anyway I was removed from the jury. And shortly after that I contacted the government and found out I could be considered exempt. 

This was at least 10 years ago  But it never fails to conjure up strange feelings when I think of it.   Embarrassment, annoyance, maybe even anger because some of those other folks out there with perfect vision don't deserve to be heard more than I do...

I will admit it's nice to not have to worry about jury duty. But on the other hand I think I would make a pretty kick-ass juror because of my sense of fairness. Oh well.  I'll stick to watching Law and Order reruns !! 


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Mary Jane's Playcare said...

I remember the day the judge told you that you could not be a juror. You were soooooooo angry! And I was soooooo relieved because it was a bigtime murder case. I was too busy thinking of your safety to be worrying about your sight!
I know you would call this one a con. But your old Ma at the time considered it a pro! Sorry, Heath. Probably the only time I ever felt that way. It was a scary trial. Although, being me I was angry at the system for telling you that you couldn't do something.."Don't tell my kids they can't!" Boy, was I conflicted. You were just downright ANGRY!
Anyway, I keep telling you to try NCIS! It's fun!
Love ya, my girl. Yet another awesome post. Even if it brings up sad memories.
Oh by the way you are right....you deserve to be heard!