Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Did you know I was famous? :)

When I was 16 the Middlesex News ran an article about me and my participation in the Schepens Eye Research Institute's Swim for Sight.

Just thought I would share it.   I am attempting to use Dropbox... hopefully it will work!

Swimming toward a cure 1991

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Mary Jane's Playcare said...

It did! When you hit Swimming for a cure, it will tell you to download into dropbox. After you download, you go to the top of your phone, scroll down, and you will see Middlesex News download. Hit that and there it is!
I will never forget that day, Heather. I was so nervous for you, yet so proud of you for putting yourself out there. Max, ( our dog) was making sure this stranger didn't get too close to you. And Sarah was upstairs.You even let the reporter take a picture of you. And I knew it was to get more money for Swim for Sight! What a trooper. So proud of you, Honey. Then and now!