Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And I call myself a Bostonian?

I am probably one of the only people not watching the Bruins right now.  I did watch it for a few minutes...and my husband has it on in the other room so I am paying a little bit of attention.
Sorry...Hockey is a cool sport but I have never gotten really into it.
I bet you have no idea why?? :)
But strangely enough, while its hard to see what's going on in baseball as well...I do enjoy watching the Red Sox.  Go figure.

I think in general, its hard for me to watch such fast moving action and keep track of what's going on...never mind seeing the puck.  Baseball is slower visually and in every other way.

Its similar with movies.  Those crazy action films are not for me.  .I  much prefer a comedy, drama, psychological thriller.
I pass on silent films.  And those with subtitles?  Not so much.

While on this subject, I would like to mention that my very best friend in high school read all of the subtitles to me in when we saw Dances with Wolves (in the theater!)
If she reads this blog, I want to say thank you for that.  And for being an understanding, encouraging, caring friend.  

My husband is a huge Star Wars fanatic (not a geek...really!) and  I actually do enjoy those movies. 

Any movie I watch, I am bound to miss quite a but of the detail.  But I have always loved movies and the popcorn that goes along with it!

Oh one last thing...if you are visually impaired and enjoy watching TV...or would enjoy it better if you could see it, I highly recommend a pair of Max TVS.  Not a fashion statement but I love them!

OK maybe I will go show some support for the B'S!  Take care everyone!

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Mary Jane's Playcare said...

The action in hockey is difficult for a sighted person to keep up with....or maybe it is just me. Can you believe the announcer? He must have lost his voice after last night's game.
Ad for you Heather, your ability to adapt to your situation is phenomenal!
I hope others share how they have adapted and s ome of their funny and not so funny stories.
It is always interesting to her your point of view. Love ya, Ma