Friday, November 1, 2013


Its 1:30am...What am I doing awake?  This is not the best way to go about writing a blog...Go for weeks without writing.  Then stay up late one night because you can't stop thinking and then decide to write!  Oh well.  I m used to being tired!

Anyway, many of you know that I walked in the Boston Vision Walk for the Foundation Fighting Blindness last Saturday.  It was a great event!  And with the help of friends and family I was able to raise about $1900! A huge thank you to everyone who supported me and my team.  I have been seriously overwhelmed by the generosity.  And it feels good to be able to contribute to the fight for a cure.

Our team, G Force, consisted of me and Chip, our two daughters, my sister, and  mom and dad.  The kids rode in their double stroller and for the most part were well behaved.  Not counting some major whining from our 2 year old.  The weather was perfect and the scenery along the Charles River was beautiful. 

When I do events like this, I see just how lucky I am to have the sight that I do have.  Many of the other walkers walked with canes, guide dogs, or a person on their arm.  I also realize how awesome and supportive my family is.  My parents were happy to be part of this and made the day extra special.  The kids got to play on a cool playground and then we all went out for a nice lunch.  It was a fun day.  A positive experience all around.

Oh,  and the Boston Red Sox won the World Series a few days ago.  That was pretty awesome! 

As I hope I have shown, I try to stay positive about life.   But lately things that have happened to people I know  have been making my heart ache.  I think that is one of the reasons I have not written in a while.  That and my addiction to Candy Crush.

But seriously, what is going on lately?  I am not going to mention names but I have friends, former co-workers, and family members who have lost loved ones (parents, spouses siblings, even young children) tragically, suddenly, or from illness.  I have a  friend whose child is fighting Leukemia.   It is not fair that people should have to go through such tragic events. 

When awful things happen to people around you, it really makes you think about what would happen if it were you going through this?  You certainly can't look at it like its something that happens to other people.  But inevitably it makes you cherish what you have a bit more.  To make sure we make the most of every single day because we never know what will happen tomorrow.  To say I love you to your family over and over again.

My mom told me that the nuns at Catholic School would say something to the effect of "You better kiss your mom goodbye every morning because you might not see her again"  A bit  guilt trip-ish but actually quite true.  

If my family stays healthy and is spared from tragedy, I really do not care if my vision sucks.  Its nothing in the scheme of things. 

For my friends who are going through hard times, please know that you are in my thoughts.

I will post again soon but now its time for bed!  Good Night all.

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Mary Jane's Playcare said...

Well, like daughter, like is 5:50 am. Just read your new blog. You are somethin, Heather.
Wasn't the vision walk great. And the kids were awesome. But, seeing people using canes and still needing guidance from someone else does put things in perspective. I could see the gratefulness in your face. Made me proud and yet sad. Proud to watch you playing so happily with the girls. Proud that you walked away from the event with a positive spin. Heartbroken that you even have to choose to look at the glass half full. So happy that you do. Amazed at how much you were able to make for the cause.
It is so true that with all that is going on around us right now, we must cherish every moment. Love each other strongly. Enjoy our time together. And yes, feel blessed for all that we have. Thank you for helping me remember this ( been a little down as you know). Well, forget about it! Let's enjoy the moment.
I am looking forward to the 31 event with you on Sunday. It'll be great.
So, I think I'll catch a few more zzzzz's before I need to get up.
Thanks for your perspective, uplifting as usual. Night, my Sweetheart. Love ya mints.