Friday, November 22, 2013

iConsult Part 2

I was excited to get this email today! She had trouble posting on the blog (as many other people have. unfortunately.)  

I'm S, D's daughter. As Heather wrote, my mother had an eye exam with Chip, Heather's husband. When my mother and sister, who had accompanied my mother to the exam, asked Chip a bunch of questions about assistive technology, Chip told them what his wife used, and casually mentioned that his wife should really open a business consulting on these matters. 
So, we followed up on that suggestion.  We tracked Heather down and asked if she would meet with us.  Not only did she meet with us, but she did some investigating and preparation ahead of time! Heather showed us how to use the iPad in the specific ways that would be of help to my mother, and including ways to make it more accessible. 
At first my mother was quite dubious that she would be able to navigate around the iPad (she is in her 80s and not totally comfortable with all this new technology). She told Heather that this was not for her.  Really what my mother wants is to be able to hold a newspaper in her hands and be able to read it again! Alas, that is not to be.  But Heather was not to be deterred! She was patient and persistent and encouraging.  My mother started to get the hang of it.  It's not perfect --after all it's not a hold-in-your-hands newspaper.  But by the time we ended with Heather, my mother had decided to get an iPad.  So we did.  And she's getting better with it and she's able to read her favorite columnists.
So, thank you Heather!  I wholeheartedly recommend Heather as someone who is eminently knowledgeable about assistive technology for the visually impaired and wonderfully personable -- and who could resist those beautiful daughters!


Kerry said...

WOW, Heather, this email is incredible. You should be come a vision assistive therapy consultant!

Mary Jane's Playcare said...

Yes, Kerry! thank you. She would be a world of help to those who have just learned that they have low vision. She cares so much.